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Fermette d'Herbes

Fermette d'herbes is a little farmhouse which is about 250 years old. In February 2008 we were moving from the Netherlands to the Creuse, where this little farmhouse is located. Clement worked in the green sector and as a teacher, as well as a labour coordinator, and. Astraea was working in education and had a private practice as a therapist.

Every time we had our holidays in France we felt a desire to live in this country, and after seven years we decided to do so. Here we live in and with nature, we grow our own organic vegetables, fruits and herbs and we started our Bed and Breakfast in France.

When we saw this house for the first time, it was for us a "coup de coeur", this was exactly what we wanted: a cosy little farmhouse with 2 hectares of land . And it had the additional advantage that is was used as a nursery for organic medicinal and aromatic herbs for 10 years

Our little farmhouse is the oldest building in a hamlet of 7 houses. This place was already inhabited in the Middle Ages, then it was called Le Luc, which refers to the Gallic period. In former days this area was a sacred forest and was used by druids for meetings and ceremonies. Later was the name Le Luc corrupted in the name Le Lac.





We welcome you at Fermette d'Herbes, a peaceful and spacious place where you really can enjoy nature.



Our Vision

We are living and working with love and respect for humans, animals and plants, health and environments, that is why we are using local, ecological and organic products as much as possible. The wood that we used at our renovations, was coming from the forest in the area, the isolation we used is cellulose and wood fibre and the heating is mostly in woodstoves.We are still investigating the possibilities of alternative heating and electricity and a rainwater circuit.

We grow as much as possible our own organic vegetables, herbs and fruits. What fascinates us is the traditional use of wild and plants. Therefore we make jams, juices, teas and liqueurs from wild herbs, flowers and berries. Like elder blossom, hawthorn blossom, pine shoots, balm, mint, raspberries, elderberries and blackberries. We are on a discovery journey for the traditional use of mushrooms, ground elder, nettles, dandelions, chickweed and other wild plants as food.